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Clearwater | Kitchens | Rio Kitchen Sink | RIO D100L


Product Description

Clearwater Rio Single Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink and Drainer can be purchased in one of the finishes of Polar, Onyx, Moonstone, Nero, Croma, Poppy, Basalt, Mocha or Concrete. Supplied with standard waste, it can be fitted as left hand or right hand in an inset installation. The product makes an excellent combination for efficiently completing your daily kitchen tasks. The geometric drainer design suits many kitchen styles, while the taps can be added optionally. Its features include the new age Quarsil surface, ultra-hygienic surface due to germ and dirt-repellent properties, and a host of other properties that make it durable and ideal for food preparation.

  • Available Finishes: Polar, Onyx, Moonstone, Nero, Croma, Poppy, Basalt, Mocha, Concrete
  • Supplied with standard waste
  • Can be fitted as left hand or right hand
  • Inset installation
  • Refer technical diagram for complete technical dimensions
  • Lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • Overall size: 1000mm x 500mm [Length x Width]
  • Bowl size: 480mm x 430mm x 220mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Cutout size: 980mm x 480mm [Length x Width]
  • Minimum cabinet size: 600mm
  • Features :
  • QUARSIL: The new generation of Quarsil was developed over 30 years and now features substantially improved properties. It is now even easier to clean and has a new intensity of colour
  • HYGIENIC SURFACE: The advanced anti-bac surface quality of Quarsil ensures optimum safety when handling food
  • DIRT-REPELLENT EFFECT: The material’s fine structure means the dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface
  • Granite sinks are up to 80% natural quartz sand.
  • QUARSIL has been specially developed for the demands of the kitchen
  • The rigours of everyday use vanish with hardly a trace
  • Odour-free: Leaves the surface free of smells
  • Heat-proof: Not temperature sensitive
  • Food-safe: Safe material
  • Impact-resistant: Tough and resistant material
  • Stain-resistant: Food stains cannot stick
  • Made to last: Extremely durable.

A special material developed by the brand over 30 years, it offers all the features of granite but with substantial improvements and is made to last. Besides these, it features intense colour and easy-to-clean properties and is heat-proof. The odourless material ensures optimum safety necessary in the kitchen with its advanced antibacterial surface. The surface of the Quarsil sink retards any dust collection, which could be a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The dirt simply runs off the surface. This function makes tedious cleaning easy. It reduces the build-up of limescale, so there’s not much too clean, and it extends the product’s life as it is impact resistant and is made from tough and resistant material.