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Resin and gel-coat Doccia shower tray.
If not specified otherwise, shiny chrome drain cover comes as standard; CONTACT US to discuss FREE options
If not specified otherwise, 90mm, 40L/mm polypropylene vertical drain valve comes as standard; CONTACT US to discuss other options
Shower tray available in:
Blanco (White)
Pergamo (Pergamon)
Arena (Sand)
Musgo (Grey)
Cemento (Cement)
Grafito (Graphite)
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Texture: Slate
Plate shape: Rectangular Square
Type of dish: Classic

Cutable cm by cm.
Compact and homogeneous.
Mass of the same color as the coating.
Siphonic valve in polyprene 90 mm.
Horizontal / vertical drain.

H = 3cm

Classic dish with slate texture.

Shower tray with a texture that is a perfect imitation of the slate sheet, with a grain and a very fine touch.