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Duravit | Toilets | Architec | Toilet (Wall-Mounted) | 365 x 575mm | 254609


Product Description

Duravit | Toilets | Architec | Toilet (Wall-Mounted) | 365 x 575mm | 254609

Toilet wall mounted #254609  –  Design by Prof. Frank Huster  –  washdown model, Durafix included, UWL class 1.  Durafix for concealed fixation is included in delivery.  Pre-wall elements with odour extractors are not recommended.

DIMENSION: 365 x 575 mm.
COLOURS: 00 White Alpin, or 20 Hygiene Glaze*.

The Architec ceramic range, developed by Prof. Frank Huster. Taking inspiration the circle and square: two basic architectural elements, culminated in creating a straight-lined, modern, abundant product range for almost any intended use, whether private, public or barrier-free.

Duravit bathroom ceramics and bathroom furniture series are designed by renowned designers and manufactured by experts. They have been providing customers with the best quality, sophisticated functionality and attractive aesthetics for more than 200 years. Duravit have made it their mission to ‘upgrade your everyday’ to a new level of comfort. Whether it’s new construction, a renovation or setting targeted accents: with Duravit’s high-quality bathroom furniture and durable bathroom ceramics, you can create a stylish and relaxing atmosphere in no time at all by taking advantage of the interplay between shower, bathtub, basin, faucets and accessories.

Duravit offers an extensive selection of bathroom furniture as well as a wide range of sinks and vanities with different installation options. Whether as an individually mounted sink or as an entire vanity unit with a cabinet underneath – this is where you will find the version that meets your needs.


*HygieneGlaze:  Baked into the ceramic and extending from the interior to the rim of the toilet or urinal, HygieneGlaze is effective in the areas particularly susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria. Moreover, HygieneGlaze inhibits the growth of bacteria.

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