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Carron Bath 1600 x 800 x 540h Single Ended | Quantum SE | 02145 | 02146 | Acrylic Carron5, Carronite & Whirlpool Options


Product Description

Carron Bath 1600 x 800 x 540h Single Ended | Quantum SE | 02145 | 02146 | Acrylic Carron5, Carronite & Whirlpool Options

About Carron bathrooms: With over 260 years of experience, it’s no wonder that Carron baths and bathrooms are a favourite amongst Trade professionals. British built and renowned for their quality and robust design, Carron bathrooms are the No 1 choice for your next project.

Carron baths are available in two specification options:

Carron 5, which is very robust 5mm Acrylic bath giving a 20 Year Warranty and Carronite™ is a triple lay 10mm premium version giving a 30 Year Warranty.

Carronite™ was created by Carron Bathrooms to provide a higher level of comfort, luxury and peace of mind for customers. All Carron Bathrooms baths are hand finished to exacting standards but only Carronite™ baths, with our unique, patented, triple-layer​ reinforcement system come with a 30 year guarantee – proof of the confidence Carron Baths and quality.

Strength & Longevity:
Carron 5 baths are stronger and heavier than standard acrylic baths and will stand the test of time. The Carronite™ version also offers extra finishing layers to create a uniquely reinforced product.

Whirlpool Systems

Carron’s whirlpool systems offer a range of benefits to help rejuvenate weary muscles and tired minds.

Whether your goal is increased wellbeing, to relieve tired muscles after sports or exercise or just plain, self-indulgent relaxation, Carron Bathrooms have a C-Lenda whirlpool system that will take your bathing to the next level.

The C-Lenda Whirlpool system is the most technologically advanced system available on today’s market. This unique jet system has been designed by Markon in New Zealand and ensures the most comfortable bathing experience over a wide range of settings and functions.

Almost all baths in the Carron range are compatible with this whirlpool system and are made to order and hand-fitted to your specification by skilled Carron technicians.

Required Parts:

Don’t forget to choose your additional parts from the Required Components Section above.

  • For Bath Panels: Choose Either Carron 5= 5mm Acrylic | or Carronite to match your bath type
  • For Whirlpool System: Choose C-Lenda Whirlpool System 1

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